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English Vocabulary in Politics and Public Institutions and Election.

English Vocabulary in Politics and Public Institutions and Election. 

English Vocabulary in Politics and Public Institutions and Election.

Republic: A state government by representatives and usually, a President 

Monarchy: A state ruled by a king or queen

Democracy: Government of, by, and for the people 

Dictatorship: System of government run by a dictator 

Independence: Freedom from Outside control, self-governing 

Member of Parliament ( MP ): A representative of the people in Parliament. 

Politician: Someone for whom politics is a career 

Statesman/woman: Someone who uses an important political position wisely and well 

Prime Minister: The head of government or leading minister in many countries 

Chamber: Hall used by a group of legislators, many countries have two chambers 

Cabinet: A committee of the most important ministers in the government. 

President and Vice President: The head of state in many modern states 

Mayor: Head of a town or city council 

Ambassador: Top diplomat representing his/her country abroad 

Embassy: The building where an ambassador and his/her staff are based 

Ministry: A department of state headed by a minister 

Constituency: A political area are whose inhabitants are represented by one MP 

Candidate: Someone who stands in an election 

Policy: The program of action of a particular party or government 

Majority: The number of votes by which a person wins an election 

Referendum: A direct vote by the population on some important public issue 

By ( e )-election: An activity in one constituency in contract to a general election 

Marginal Seat: A parliamentary seat held by a very small majority of votes. 

The opposition: Members of parliament who do not belong to the party in power. 

Stand/ run for parliament: to be a candidate in an election 

Vote: to choose in a formal way, e.g by marking a ballot paper 

Elect: to choose someone or something by voting. Those all the vocabulary in political terms, hope it can help increase your vocabulary. 

Motivation: " It is true that you always know the right thing to do. the difficult one is to do it ". General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

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