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How to use the words not only.......But Also and Both ...... And

How to use the words not only.......But Also and Both ...... And

Conjunctions such as "Not only . . . but also" and "Both . . . and" are used to link sentences, clauses, groups of words, or two separate words. These conjunctions belong to the correlative conjunctions type, which are paired words that work together, such as "neither . . . nor," "not . . . only," and "but . . . also." 

Here are some examples of sentences that include correlative conjunctions: 

- Either . . . or: We can go to either Greece or Spain for our vacation. It's my final offer - you can either take it or leave it. 
- Both . . . and: Both rugby and football are popular in France. Both English and Welsh are spoken in Wales. 
- Not only. . . but also: Not only is he a professional footballer, but he's also a successful businessman. 
- Neither . . . nor: Neither Norway nor Switzerland is in the European Union. Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory. (Abraham Lincoln). 
- Whether. . . or: Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that the Rolling Stones are very popular. I'm totally confused - I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

In addition to correlative conjunctions, sometimes conjunctions take the form of single words such as "because," "and," "so," "but," etc. When using correlative conjunctions, there are some important rules to remember:

- Ensure that the verb follows the conjunction so that your sentence makes sense. For example: Every night, either loud music or fighting neighbors wakes John from his sleep.
- Make sure that the pronoun follows the conjunction. For example: Neither Debra nor Sally expressed annoyance when the cat broke the antique lamp.
- Keep the parallel structure intact. The equivalent grammatical unit needs to be incorporated into the whole sentence. For example: Mary not only grilled burgers for Michael, but she also fixed a steak for her dog, Vinny.

Here is a list of words that belong to the correlative conjunctions: 

- As / as
- Both / and
- Either/or
- Hardly / when
- If / then
- Just as / so
- Neither/nor
- Not only / but also
- No sooner / than
- Not / but
- Rather / than
- Scarcely / when
- What with / and
- Whether / or.

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