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English words that are often used in sentences explaining cause and effect

English words that are often used in sentences explaining cause and effect

In English, there are various words and phrases that are often used to express cause and effect. Cause and Effect usually involve an action that makes something happen and causes a consequence of that action. We often find words that become keywords or phrases used in English, here are some examples:


Because of
Due to
As a result of
Owing to
Thanks to
For the reason that
On account of


Therefore a result
For this reason
Due to this
So ...... that and such........ that

A cause-and-effect relationship:

As a result
Because of this
Even though

Examples of sentences with cause and effect:

  1. Smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer.
  2. The heavy rain caused the river to flood.
  3. Lack of exercise leads to weight gain.
  4. Eating a healthy diet can improve your overall well-being.
  5. Studying regularly results in higher grades.
  6. Excessive alcohol consumption can damage the liver.
  7. Insufficient sleep leads to decreased cognitive function.
  8. Using a seatbelt reduces the risk of injury in a car accident.
  9. Pollution in the air causes respiratory problems in people.
  10. Overwatering plants can lead to root rot. 
In each of these sentences, there is a clear cause-and-effect relationship, where one action or condition leads to another consequence.

Another example of cause and effect:

Cause: He studied hard for the exam.
Effect: He received a high grade.

Cause: She didn't get enough sleep last night.
Effect: She felt tired and sluggish all day.↳

Cause: The heavy rain caused flooding in the area.
Effect: Many homes and streets were submerged in water.

Cause: They missed the bus.
Effect: They were late for school.

Cause: Eating too much junk food regularly.
Effect: He gained a lot of weight.

Cause: The car ran out of gas.
Effect: It came to a complete stop on the side of the road.

Cause: The company invested in new technology.
Effect: Productivity and efficiency improved.

Cause: She practiced the piano for hours every day.
Effect: She became a talented pianist.

Cause: The sunset in the west.
Effect: The sky turned shades of orange and pink.

Cause: They turned off the lights during the Earth Hour event.
Effect: Energy consumption was reduced, contributing to environmental conservation.

 These sentences demonstrate how one action, event, or condition can lead to a specific outcome or consequence.

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